Joining and renewing

We are pleased to welcome new members of all ages, and with model engineering interests and that is a broad church!! Click (below) for an application form and we will be glad to see you.

                   . . . . and if you are undecided come to Riverside Park and have chat (kick the tyres) as they say.

And we have a new membership category, Family Membership. So for a small premium over the single membership, you and your partner/ spouse/ or whatever you wish to call him/her/it/significant other (you have to be so careful these days!!), both can join in economically!

For existing members it is renewal time again. If you wish to send in a cheque or do a BACS, we would appreciate your sending in the form on the button below. If you would like to do it at Frostbite, January 1st 2019, you can renew using your card through our iZettle machine, we are cashless!!! You can bring cash as well of course.

Contacting the Society

To contact us please email: